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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others We compare ourselves to others all the time. We compare ourselves to friends on social media, colleagues at the office, and even strangers at the gym. We rate our appearance, possessions, performance, and even our problems. In most cases, comparing yourself to others is extremely counterproductive. As Theodore Roosevelt said,…
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6 Key Lessons in Life from a 150 year Old Man

Today, 2nd October 2019, is the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. So he would have been 150 years old today had he not been assassinated in 1948. Gandhi may not be around anymore but his legacy and his message of non-violence lives on and he is indeed the light the world needs…
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Friends & Friend’s Friends Picnic 2019 (Year 18!)

It’s time for my annual picnic in Regents Park! Called “Friends & Friend’s Friends Picnic“, it is held every year – and this is YEAR 18!!! This year it is to be held on Sunday, 11th August 2019. (Post-picnic update – This year’s picnic was phenomenal with around 500+ people attending during the course of…
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Help Me Help More Brave, Sick Children Like Maddison

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s finally spring time in London – and that means it’s time once again for the London Marathon :-).  Do you get deeply moved by stories of brave, sick children? And then are you moved to help them in some way? Today I am going to share the incredible and moving story of…
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How Money will Reveal Your Truth… if You Can Dare to Look

What role does money play in your life? If you are like most people, money probably plays a very central role in your life. We can never seem to get enough of it – and isn’t it funny how quickly it comes and goes? I recently spoke to my friend Davide De Angelis who is…
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The Ultimate 40 Love Posts For Valentine’s Day and Every Day

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Is it a time of the year you enjoy or dread? Today, I am writing a post with a difference. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I am bringing you some of the best blog posts from around the blogosphere, including some of my own previous articles. Valentine’s Day is…
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Blogging to Sell

This is a method you can use to sell products and services from your Blog. We will be happy to create your blog site and design it so you can promote and sell using your blog. Yes, even get paid online using pay portals we program for you.

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