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SUPERIOR Low-Cost online Advertising for your business.  As you Grow you can have the webmaster edit or add functions to it -  converting to website.

[costs will apply for edits and add-ons]

The following specifications are included in this Online Ad Purchase.

Costs Only $ 12.00 per Month when paid annually @ $144

Subject to Terms

  • Hosting is included: When we build your website hosting is included.
  • DOMAIN NAME: You must pick your domain name and register it. Then send your registrar access to our webmaster. He will set your domain so he can develop and publish your Splash Page.  We can register your domain name for you. You will be required to pay registration fee to Sirius Web Services and we will pay the registrar for you.  JUST ASK!
  • Billboard Online will be your only Web Page:  Some may call it by the “Landing Page”.  When we create it for you and it is the “only page of the website with limit scroll down we call it a “Billboard Online”.  Your Billboard Online will be sized as an 1200 w x 1600 h Brochure Advertisement viewed online.
  • Our Design department will work with you via our HelpDesk to do graphic design for the page featuring your images.  Your brochure style online ad is limited to our 1200 w x 1600 h design size.  [scroll is limited to size] Wording and images are limited to what will fit on design size page.  It makes an exceptional Billboard online ad.
  • Webmaster Services: Our webmaster works with you to create your Billboard Online Page.
  • You will provide advertising info for this Billboard Online Page page subject to terms.
  • Site Maintenance: Regular scheduled Site Backups & restore [if necessary]
  • Done for you: You direct-we do the work subject to terms!
  • You are allowed one setup design published online.  You will be asked to approve or edit. you are allowed up to six edits in first 10 days. After that each edit will encure extra charges based on complexity of edit.
  • Any edits to correct text spelling or Image descrepancies will be done at NO extra Cost.
  • Online listing by URL only: When searchers list your exact specific url address you will be found on Google page one. {this is not optimized for keyword searches}
  • DOES NOT include links, email accounts, or menu. [available in custom]
  • DOMAIN NAME ASSIST:  We will help you do this!  JUST ASK US!  Or You can pick your domain name and register it yourself. Then send your registrar access to our webmaster. He will set your domain so he can develop and publish your Splash Page.
  • Your BILLBOARD ONLINE works for you as an ADVERTISEMENT.  Some think of it as similar to automobile highway billboards EXCEPT you are on the INTERNET instead of a highway.  Much more desirable than yellow pages or highway billboards.
  • Setup & Launch Done for You!:  Will be done for you subject to your providing information to our webmaster.  You provide info in less than 24 hours and we can do in a week to 10 day.  You will be notified on launch.

You can GROW, CUSTOMIZE, and CONVERT your BILLBOARD ONLINE by including EDITS to increase scroll down size Or make selections from Service Choices, all done for you and CUSTOM PRICED ACCORDING TO YOUR CHOICES.  Contact us.

Cost you ONLY $ 12.00 per month when you pay $144 annually

Check PayPal or Debit or Credit card

When your payment is confirmed we will notify you by email with instructions to get us started on your website.  You – tell and show us what you want—we can create it for you. Terms apply.


Be sure you select the “Service Choice” you want.  Just above the PayNow button in drop down.


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