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Websites Done for You!

Why Sirius Web Services

is your best choice

Your best choice for website designs, custom websites, website development services, and graphic designs.  We will provide you a website done for you, and do SEO in a Custom site for you, so you can get found on Google.  All our Custom website plans include Free Hosting.

Most people look before they take the leap!  They are the wise ones because there are lots of information [some false] out there about web design and website ownership.  To me the big question is “should a business have a website?”  Then, there are the questions:  Should you build your own, or buy a ready made [another misleading website description], or hire a development firm.  And then, Oh, what about on-going maintenance, hosting, daily operations, back end administration, site security, and site backup.  Will your site be designed for Product or Profile branding, or selling products or services online?  Anyway it is about getting found on Google and looking professional while helping you grow your business.

To help you move through a sensible analysis of “Does Your Business Want or Need a Website Designer”? And if so, What is the specific purpose of your business having a website?  Below I have listed many areas for you to consider.

  • Is it a branding project, or one to attract clients to your products and/or services?  Or is it all the preceding?
  • Do you have time or desire and the ability to build your own website?  Do you want to learn the technology involved?  Will you stop selling your business, products, and services while you design, build, and maintain a website?
  • You may have heard you can operate from you social network.  Some do.  But sooner or later they discover the need to grow beyond the social networking system.
  • You can Reach a Larger Audience when you can Get FOUND online and on the street!

“Google says, “97% of consumers search for local businesses online before they buy.”  

Will these consumers find your business?  These consumers seldom ever go beyond page one in their search.  We can help you get onto Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • Why not have a Website that will get found on Google, Bing, and Yahoo?   And then use your social network to promote your website and business.  This is the model of many highly successful entrepreneurs.  We can show you how and even help you with social visibility for your business.  We can include a social service whereby your blog postings can automatically be sent to your social network such as facebook, twitter, or instagram.  A powerful marketing tool.
  • We will include your Blog writing in your Custom Website Plan when You Ask.
  • Webmaster Services are included in Custom Plans.
  • “Done for you!”  YES, Really by a Sirius Web Services “Webmaster”.
  • Free Hosting with Custom Plans.
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