How to Market using your Blog

Thinking of turning your blog into an online store and selling physical products.  Yes?  Well you are at the right place now.  Read on and we will share with you some simple Steps you can do to add marketing to your blog.  Cleverly writing and manipulating your products to fit your blog niche will enhance your online presence with the goal to attract more readers.    It becomes very smart marketing when you focus on selling products that fit into your blog niche.   And to expedite your growth you may want to use a Sirius SEO add-on to your website services.   (See Sirius SEO Add-on)  Place a few items on home page as advertising.  Don’t place too many options here as this tends to confuse people.  Ask your webmaster to show you how to link a photo on your home page to the post that contains the item for sale.

Create content that promotes your blog and refrain placing products in every article.  Your goal here should be to keep your followers and gain new ones.   The people following your

Your blog readers are your target market, and this makes it easier to figure out your products and services.

No excuses! You can start now with complete PayPal BUY NOW Button setup on your blog for only $ 25 per year.

Just what you need and here is what you will get.

SAVING HUGE $  OVER AN E-COMMERCE SITE: PayPal BUY NOW button costs much less than an eStore.  We set it up and teach you how to use it.   Support is included the same as your website.  You must have an active PayPal account.

PayPal BUY NOW buttons;  For only $ 35 per year we will program this addon to your website, so when you post an article you can include an item for sale in that post.

Just describe the item as we have done here,   add a price which includes S&H, and then insert your PayPal BUY NOW  button fill in details and save.  You must have an active PayPal account.

You can write your article an include a nice description of the item you want to sell, price it, insert your PayPal BUY NOW button, fill in button details and post as a Blog post.  Thus you can sell from your site without having expensive e-commerce add-ons.  Marketing experts say one item per subject per post will help to optimize your online presence.  Don’t forget to allow for Shipping & Handling (S&H in your price.  Or add Pickup instructions to your description.

Turning your blog site into your eStore and posting is a very user-friendly procedure:

  1. Choose an item to sell (experts recommend blog subject name the item).
  2. Choose a blog title.  Write the blog to include a description of the item and price.
  3. Place cursor where you want the PayPal button to appear and left click.
  4. Then go to the menu on top and click on PayPal Button in your menu.  Click, it will appear where you had placed and left clicked the cursor.
  5. Fill in details for that item (Name, Price, and position on the page).
  6. Now you are ready to post.  Just click on the post button (maybe update button).

Done!  That’s all there is to it.   When your viewers click on the BUY NOW button in your blog page it will go to PayPal page.  There the buyer can choose to pay with Paypal or pay with a debit/credit card.

YES, you can have this for your blog as well!   Buy it here, now, from this posted page.

Set up for you w/support at the Sirius Help Desk.

only $35.00/year.  Billed annually.

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