Help Desk

This ticket system will keep an organized record of all tickets and ticket activity. 

By now you should have received an email with your Help Desk username and password.  When you submit a Help Ticket it will continue back and forth between you and the webmaster until the issue is resolved, then it is closed but kept for future referal.  Thereafter if you need help you use the Helpdesk to submit another request for help.

During your Site Development your ticket puts you with the Webmaster so you can provide info for building your website. Or remodeling as the case may be.   You can attach and send images and docs for your text content here.

Site Support will get technical help for your existing website.

Open a ticket for each subject you need support for.  It will close once the issue is resolved.

You can follow up on request for support by going to Help Desk on the website menu sign in and entering the ticket number to see the status.