Perhaps these will help!

1. What is meant by “Done for You”?  Don’t I have to do anything?

Of course, you will have things to do in getting your website up and running; such as provide photos you want to be used on site.  And with a description of your business, its purpose, and goals.  Not to worry about writing tho, as we can edit and write text content from the info you provide.  You will need to review progress and communicate timely with the Webmaster to direct him to what you want your site to be.  We will develop and design it for you.  All technical aspects will be done for you.  You Direct and we do the work.

2. Do you do Logo or Website Header Designs?

Yes, we do.  Sometimes the cost is included in website setup cost.

3. Can I have a domain specific email address?

Yes, you can.   For example, Your domain  http://yourdomain.com will allow you to have an email like this:  yourname@yourdomain.com.  When it is included we set it up for you.    You can also have webmail link on your desktop where you would check your email.  

4. Will my site be found in Google Search?

Yes, based on the information you provide (we will ask you for certain info during site design and development).  We will use that information when we optimize you web pages to Google requirements and when we register your site on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!  When we build your website we guarantee your site can be found on Google after completion and being online for 30 days.

5. When will my site be finished and online?

Usually within 2 or 3 weeks from the day of your last information submitted to the Webmaster thru your “My Webmaster” portal.