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Yes! Done for You!

You know websites can be complex time consumers, and they also have a boatload of technical parts, which is a nice way of saying that creating a website can be a major pain.

But……hire us, and we WILL “DO IT FOR YOU”!  Yes, it really will be “Done for You” within our “Terms and Conditions” .  We design, host, launch, and maintain your get_FOUND Website. You Direct, we do the work.

You can Start your business with a modest website and still succeed!  As low as $ 17.95 per month when paid annually.

One step at a time!  Some would say “baby steps”.

Yes, it is possible to start out small and grow into profits before you own a perfect website.  This is true, even when you must depend on your website for online sales more than you will for “in the door” sales.  Some produce big profits with small budgets.

You can actually get found online and on the street by promoting yourself with a get_FOUND Website by Sirius Web Services.Com, guaranteed.

From the Start ~ you are just starting!

  • You don’t need a Mercedes website.
  • You don’t need a 69-page website.
  • You don’t need to start by dotting every i.
  • Your name is good. A logo can come later
  • You can add a website without going into debt.
  • Some produce big profits with small budgets.
  • A modest website can get you found online and/or on the street
  • Start today as little as $ 17.95 per month.

You can start with less and do much more than you have imagined.

 You don’t need to rush into a large costly website.   And you don’t need a perfect website on day one.   After you operate your business for a while you will better know what you need.  You must be able to deliver what you promote.  You will be surprised how your real life day to day needs will generate creative ideas for promoting your business online.  Conserve your capital and your days at your business will be a lot more enjoyable and less stressful.

Here at Sirius Web Services.Com we offer you a “perfect” starter; your own get_FOUND Website can get you found online and on the street.  Either, or both.  Starting as low as $ 17.95 per month.

It will advertise & promote your business online, on Google page one.  It can feature your business or products of your choice.

And it is “Done for You”!  You provide the information and you direct; we do the work.